Free Spirit

This publication is a collection of experiences rooted in the idea of the Free Spirit. The Free Spirit that we are searching for has no basis in cultural values, social norms, trends and dogmas. It is a process of looking at the world, listening to it’s voice, and finding our own place in it. Although each piece is personal, it is by no means an exploration of individual process and expression. Instead they are experiments of searching our inner selves with the goal of finding a quality of the Free Spirit that is universal. Take for example an ordinary person like me who takes a walk as a process of removing my own desires. As I walk the streets I experience nature, mankind and its many creations. In this experience I find myself in a state of both rest and oblivion. Here I let go of all the images I have of myself. It is not simply a matter of letting these images be lost in my memories, but a conscious act of freeing myself from them. In this act I experience a language beyond that which I am so used to seeing and hearing. Giorgio Agamben describes the walk(pasearse) in its etymological terms as an act of self negation, in that it is by one’s own will that the cause of the act is not bound by external factors that surround it.

To be free from external forces and furthermore to be free from oneself is perhaps the most difficult freedom. It is this freedom that so many philosophers and artists before us have taken strength in to persevere in a life searching for meaning beyond societal expectations. There is no intended audience. This is merely a soft protest of those common folk who dare to examine themselves and the world with the intent of questioning its value and reality. It is a continuous search to find our unknown selves in a refusal to settle on the self that we are all too familiar with. For in finding ourselves in a new light we also see the world in a new light. With a renewal of self the external world too is renewed, shedding its shell to reveal itself. This publication is an ongoing space for current and future contributors to document, experience and reflect upon this process.

ISSUE #01: Listen to the silent languages

This publication was produced in December of 2018 by jkk & Doiy Chung. 40 copies was produced for the Yale University Art Gallery’s ‘Odds and Ends’ Book Fair in New Haven, Connecticut.

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Contributors: Audrey Quaranta (FR), Kyu Ho Lee (KR), Patrick Fontana (FR), Nicha Keeratiphanthawong (TH), Doiy Chung (KR), Paul Elliman (GB)

Typefaces: Pondre Regular & Regular Italic by Jangs Müller Type Foundry (US), Naar Rewind & Forward by Dong Bin Han (NL)

Graphic designer: Doiy C.
Editor: jkk


ISSUE #02: Solitaire