Dear, Darkness
Thank you for visiting me again today. When you come back, the pretentious outlines of the world disappear; instead a true picture appears. Also, the crazy rocking desire in my heart can slowly calm down. This moment is the happiest time for me. Thank you. In fact, I have been afraid of you for a long time. With a worry that everything I made would disappear in the dark… People I like would disappear in the dark… Most importantly, I was so afraid that the person who lives in my heart and the memories would disappear. So, when you came to me, I was too scared to look at you. I just wanted you to leave as soon as possible and just closed my eyes to try to sleep. However, now I am looking forward to seeing you again. Someday if you come back to me, please stay with me forever. Please promise me that you will erase everything and take back everything to be one again. Please promise me. Please.

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